bill-shockDear Reader,

I wound up switching from an unrestricted Internet Provider to a restricted plan because I needed a better connection.   For the first time I encountered datashock.   Once I called up my provider and increased my data for the month, I had to figure out which device was the guilty party and how to manage my errant devices.  For those of you who don’t know data-saving tactics, here is a brief run-down:

  1. Close all your apps. If they are left running in the background they will use data while you are not watching.
  2. For a machine running Windows 8, you can set your metered data settings. Tutorial available here.
  3. Windows 8 also has a built-in function to show estimated data use.  Pull up your networks in the charm bar, right click your network and show data use :Screenshot (19)
  4. For Mac users, its a bit more elusive.  Groovin’ on apps wrote a great post here.
  5. There are a couple free apps in the Apple store Mac users can download to monitor data usage including Onavo:

Screenshot (20)

  1. Make sure apps are not updating automatically if possible.
  2. Video streaming of any kind is your worst enemy.
  3. Make good use of public networks if possible.  Now is the time for a coffee shop or restaurant with free wifi.   The price of the meal is less than your data plan.

Happy surfing!


Ubuntu: “I am what I am because of who we all are.” 1

For those of you familiar with Linux – the other operating system – the Ubuntu distribution (version) encapsulates this concept. For those of you who only know Windows or Mac OS, Ubuntu runs on PCs and Apples.  Linux is open source – not commercially owned and free for all and supported by the development community.

BNj2NmdCYAAU5zUI bought my first ever Apple to expand my development skills.  In addition to trying to make me a Mac convert with the fevered enthusiasm of cultists, the Apple store showed me the app that would allow me to utilize my new iPad to remotely connecCAM00019_editedt to my Windows 8 Lenovo Yoga. It was surreal. Apple and PC in harmony through TeamViewer. I took control of my PC and posted to Facebook and rebooted my PC … utilizing my iPad as a remote control. I decided to try this from my Asus Tablet. TeamViewer installed no problem, but I ran into a totally unexpected issue. Due to the fact that Windows 8 and Windows RT (Windows 8 for a tablet) are both touch-controlled and both operate the same way, I could only get into my tablet functions.   The tablet intercepted the touch commands and none of it made it through to my PC.  I eventually outsmarted the tablet to control my pc, but it was awkward at best.  The iPad worked much better because the touch functions on the iPad work differently than the PC. The differences actually made the functioning possible — not the similarities.

Generally any software / hardware compatibility issues are non existant or very low if you stick with one one manufacturer — hence the secret behind Apple’s stable platforms. Also, that is why all Microsoft software is as easy as Mac software to install and use when its all new and staying within Microsoft. In this case, I happened upon an emergent property. Ubuntu. I am what I am because of who we are. Totally unexpected capabilities based on the combination of separate components. I wonder if this is the start of something new or a one-time fluke? Time will tell.


1. From a definition offered by Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee.

Dear Reader,IE10

After bravely trekking into the undiscovered country of Windows 8, I decided to add to the adventure by buying an Asus tablet running Windows RT.   So….   while setting up my environment, do you think this tech-savvy diva can set her IE10 homepage??   Nope.   I know I set it on my Lenovo Yoga … three months ago.   Now that I’m fluent with Windows 8, I figured no problem — I’d have this changed.  So I swipe from the top & bottom to vivoleadget into the settings.   No luck.   Swiping from the right to get into the charms bar.   No luck.   Bleeping computer.   So I Google it.  No luck.   Finally, memory resurfaces!  (Whoever said it was all over after 40?).   I went into the traditional desktop.   Opened IE in the desktop.   Went into the internet settings — low and behold, it was there!!   Hallelujah!

Dear Reader,
This is NOT obvious at all. Ever see those wonderful Tweets from a WordPress blog with a hashtag? Wonder how to do that? So did I. And I Googled… and hunted… and tried many things that failed and so finally, I began reading the WordPress documentations… I still had to put two and two together … Here is the little known secret and how to accomplish it:

  1. Set up your WordPress.Com blog to publicize to Twitter.
  2. Edit by clicking the “edit” button under Publicize
  3. Type the hashtag you wish displayed in the Tweet in the “Custom Message” area of your WordPress post.

Dear Reader,
It’s been a couple weeks on my new job and now that I’m settling in I have time to attend to my blog.  Since there has been continued interest in this, I’m wondering if there are any reader requests for posts about a topic?   I’ll give this another week before picking something.

Dear Reader,

So this begs the question to my mind.   Is Google really mad at Microsoft or just trying to beat them in the OS world?

I do admit to a biased opinion.   Feel free to comment.


Dear Reader,

Why is it that I can program computers in C#, Java, SQL, XHTML utilizing CSS for formatting — differing operating systems are no obstacle, and write linked lists using Pascal on a PRIME mainframe yet whenever I’m introduced to a new development enviorment I feel like I’m starting over?   Ugh


I have the delight of having my new technical baby — Dreamweaver CS5.   I also have the delight of learning a new enviornment.   Ugh!  However, it is not so foreign as I feared.   The online tutorials are pointing me in the right direction quickly.   There are nice little features built in such as a very easily-accessable button to show you a live preview where you can edit your code and update the live view. You can view related files such as the CSS, edit that while looking at your webpage and see the changes immediately.   Not bad.

I have to let my tuckered brain rest for a bit before I finish configuring the development server I downloaded (an XAMPP) for Windows to begin my trek into server-side tutorials and development — back to my old friend, Apache.   PHP is on the horizon.