The early years right after college (2009 – 2012) before first full time job:

Finding my first job in the technical field would prove to be much more challenging than I expected.   I have a long, solid employment history and I graduated from college with Highest Honors and having been a paid employee of the school.   It would take me 3 years after graduation and near financial ruin before I was full-time employed.

After graduating from ITT-Technical Institute, I developed Livant Enterprises in response to the current industry needs for technical skills in our challenging economic times.  Livant Enerprises is a small, local Technical Solutions Provider offering unmatched service at reasonable prices.  Craigslist provided a wonderful advertising medium and Google provided the site hosting.  In spite of the challenges, I thrived on becoming a self-made woman.

And I am in good company.   Most businesses right now are entrepreneurial and start-ups.   Its exciting to see American creativity and ingenuity at work.  The economy’s challenges are providing me with many opportunities that fuels my pioneering nature.  I remain active in the technology community volunteering at New England Give Camp, miscellaneous side projects, and attending networking events as they arise.

As I promised myself after my very first Give Camp that I would not miss the next one.  It another unbelievable event.  I wasn’t certain that my experience at Give Camp 2010 could be matched.  Old friendships were renewed, new ones were forged, and lives were changed through the work we all did.  The overwhelming turn-out of developers and support people  remains inspiring.  My continuing story can be found on the page regarding my current career status.

If you found this blog, but missed my website, please visit Livant Enterprises.

I admit to my secret inner-nerd. I love all things Sci Fi and I often can be found re-engineering life. I have recently developed an addiction to knitting socks – and to compound the insanity, double-knitting socks. For those of you non-knitters, that means that I will try to knit two socks at the same time – one inside the other. Coffee is a mainstay.

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