Dear Reader,

To my great shock it has been over a year since my last blog update.   My return is inspired by my ong12191934_10207654778633334_5611895828087000928_noing volunteer work with WelcomeNew England Give Camp – aka “How 100 Geeks Form A Perpetual Motion Machine”  Six years and going strong!

This year I had the opportunity to work with The Mystic River Watershed Association! untitled Additionally, I had the distinct privilege of serving as project manager again.   I had an awesome team to work with and they deserve mucho kudos!  Nothing is more rewarding than being able to contribute to the ongoing work towards recovering and preserving the Mystic River Watershed and having a dedicated, talented group to work with.

It was a wonderful weekend filled with hard work, education, and inspiration.   The hard work speaks for itself.   I learned a lot about our natural river watershed in the process and some of the flora and fauna.  Until this weekend, I thought Alewife was the end of the line stop on the Red Line in Boston.   An alewife is a fish and its common name is said to come from comparison with a corpulent female tavernkeeper (“ale-wife”).  My inspiration always comes from the dedicated non-profits we work with.   They devote themselves all year long to work that I’m unable to do myself.  Knowing that I am able to make a difference to them and to those they benefit is reward enough for a weekend out of my life.



SunRiseDear Reader,

Author Philip Yancey coined a phrase, “the scandal of grace”.  How could grace be scandalous?  We all know and love grace.   It’s the freely given goodness we show each other.   Or is it?   Grace, as defined, is generous, free and totally unexpected and undeserved.   Still not seeing a problem here….

Picture this:  The homeless bum who gets money for coffee even though he’s drinking his money away…   the schoolkid who gets a second chance at homework even though she wasted time, dragged her feet, knowing it was due the next day ….  the employee not getting fired for a no-call no-show even though they deserve it…   that’s what grace is… not getting what we deserve…  that’s why its scandalous.

How does this pertain to my blog about techonology in our culture?

Picture this: Over a weekend, 30 non-profits, 120 volunteers and volunteer-time donations exceeding the equivalent of $150,000 in services!   Where does this take place?  Microsoft‘s NERD in Cambridge overlooking the Charles.  Who does this benefit?  Everyone including the bums in the streets.  Why?  Becaue its good for our souls to get away from the cares, the worries, the horror of day-to-day life and do something about it.

Dear Reader,The Covenant Shelter

It has been quite some time since I put up a blog post due to the wonerful fact that I’m now working a full time job.   For those of you readers still with me — thanks!!   I’m kicking off new life into my blog and my immediate goal is to write a post once a week…. I hope…

This weekend finds me at my annual haunt — Microsoft’s New England Research & Development Center up in Cambridge with that awe-inspiring veiw of the Charles & the city.   Unfortunately,  right now its dampened a ilttle with clouds, but the weekend will still shine.

I’ll be a part of a team (at least right now) helping to develop & write solutions for The  Covenant Shelter in New London, CT.  The Covenant Shelter has been helping families and individuals get  back on their feet and into homes since 1983.   Ironically, that’s the year I graduated from high school.   New England Give Camp

Dear Reader,

Hacking for a weekend #negc2011 @NEGiveCamp is impossible without tons of food and coffee — all of which was incredibly generously provided – to the point of embarrasment we had so much food.

First, I personally would like to thank Green Mountain Coffee and their very wonderful rep, Marlena Farnham who was back this year donating all the coffee we needed to drink.  Then there was the 47lbs of cheese generously donated by Cabot.  The horseradish was exquisite.

We were also fed by Dominoes Pizza, Naked Pizza, Panera Bread, Kick Ass Cupcakes, Cosi and Microsoft.

I liked the cupcakes the best.   I had mojito.