My late father’s philosophy of life was, “I may physically age, but I don’t have to grow up!”  In honor of my father’s memory, I am living my 20s for the third time.  A year ago, I returned to The University of Rhode Island to complete the BS in Computer Science left undone.  The road thus far has been an awesome adventure.  Picture of Evelyn

I started a career change in 2004 when I lost my manufacturing job to overseas competition.  I began working temporary jobs to gain skills then returned to school in 2007 to ITT Technical Institute.  I graduated with Highest Honors in 2009 and my Associate Degree in Software Applications and Programming.  Unfortunately, the job market was not my friend.

I take life’s curve balls as challenges so I ran my own small business, Livant Enterprises, providing personal tech and software solutions and tutoring locally.  I became a frequent back packer via the buses and trains to the Microsoft code camps until I succeeded in landing my first full time job in January, 2012 as a  Senior Assistant , Store Technical Support with CVS.

I succeeded in that role for four years until the stress of working a help desk position took its toll.  I left the position with the intention of taking early retirement, but I found that I was not ready to end my career.  With the support of my loving boyfriend, Ed, I returned to URI in January 2017.  Since I have been back, I have been a consistent high-performing student and I was hired as the Lead Tutor for the Computer Science Department where I assist faculty developing the program.

I became involved in volunteering in 2010 and I still volunteer annually at New England Give Camp working with teams of technical professionals to get vital software to deserving non-profits.  I worked as a technical developer for the first four years and as a project lead for the last four.

Although I have put the growth of my own business on the back burner, if you wish to hire me for an odd job or that extra tutoring, feel free to email me :, Tweet me: @evylion, or find me over on Facebook (Evelyn Livant).   My Facebook is a public account.

I enjoy a few hobbies in my spare time.  I love all things Sci Fi and I often can often be found re-engineering life. I have an addiction to knitting socks – and to compound the insanity, double-knitting socks. For those of you non-knitters, that means that I will try to knit two socks at the same time – one inside the other.   I’ve been exploring the joys of sewing on my Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond DeLuxe.


Coffee is a mainstay.

Feel free to email me or leave a comment!

If you found this blog, but missed my website, please visit Livant Enterprises.


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