Evelyn Livant After struggling with my own small business, Livant Enterprises, I succeeded in landing my first full time job in technology in January, 2012.  It was a long, hard road from graduation in 2009 until now, but it was worth it!   Nothing is as sweet as working your way up and overcoming a tough economy to boot!   My current role is  Senior Assistant , Store Technical Support with CVS.

I volunteer annually at New England Give Camp up in Cambridge and provide personal tech support to a couple close friends.  The economy’s challenges are providing me with many opportunities that fuels my pioneering nature.  Our businesses are rebuilding in the form of start ups.  If you found this blog, but missed my website, please visit Livant Enterprises.

Although I have put the growth of my own business on the back burner, if you wish to hire me for an odd job or that extra tutoring, feel free to email me : evelynlivant@gmail.com, Tweet me: @evylion, or find me over on Facebook (Evelyn Livant).   You don’t even have to be my friend.   My profile is public to all.

I admit to my secret inner-nerd. I love all things Sci Fi and I often can often be found re-engineering life. I have recently developed an addiction to knitting socks – and to compound the insanity, double-knitting socks. For those of you non-knitters, that means that I will try to knit two socks at the same time – one inside the other. I have added knitting from Vogue Knitting Magazine to  further torture myself.  shaun-knitting1-copy-1

Coffee is a mainstay.

Feel free to email me or leave a comment!


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