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Now that Apple is finally working with the outside world, they have become as vulnerable to attack as PCs. The Apple developer site was hacked today and is currently down for repair – no eta on a fix. I have the greatest respect for Apple’s technology – it is good technology on good machines. However, Apple Products are computers like any other. Until now, Apple’s main defense against outside risk was a combination of security and isolation. They remained isolated from any third party software, hardware, development or support and that kept them isolated from viruses and attacks as well. What I find disturbing about this incident is not that they have been hacked — that was due to happen sooner or later. What I find disturbing is that they never responded to the hacker when he sent them all the information on how he did it.

My personal experience as an outside technology professional lends credence to that report. I called Apple wanting to learn how to work with them. I was treated rudely and like I were a second-class citizen. Apple may have been guilty of allowing their popularity to encourage a “better-than-the-rest-of-you” mentality that is now catching up to them. Microsoft has understood the benefit of outside support from the general population and takes advantage of the willingness of the general community to work with them.

After I graduated tech school in 2009 with highest honors and a year and a half experience, Apple didn’t hire me. Microsoft opened its doors in the form of Code Camps, .Net user groups, and New England Give Camp. The support for developers and IT careers from Microsoft is robust and well-
Currently, PCs are way ahead of MACs for security because it has been an issue that Microsoft and many third party software developers have worked on for decades.