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“A rising generation of younger donors and philanthropic leaders could bring new money Screenshot (11)to nonprofits and fresh energy to their boardrooms—if boards can overcome their current dysfunction enough to engage them.”  Rick Moyers, The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Each year at New England Give Camp I see the world through someone else’s eyes.   Seeing the world through the eyes of the next generation provides a view of the challenges of the new world for them.   Meggan Levene, the founder of GVNGTogether  is teaching me  how the spark of philanthropy is finding its future among the X and Y-gens.

In Meggan’s own words, “A few years ago, I was hearing the same things over and over579605_10150941401546100_770778118_n again from my friends: ‘I want to make a charitable contribution but I can’t figure out which organization to donate to.’I don’t really give because it doesn’t seem like the small amount I can donate really makes a difference.’I wish I could find people who care about the same issues that I do.’  I realized my friends saw ‘giving back’ as much more than writing a check They wanted to use their knowledge, expertise and passion to make a difference, and they wanted a community of like-minded individuals to do it with.”  Meggan realized the collective community among her peers and GVNGTogether was born last year —  taking the I out of giving back!

This weekend will find our team giving Megan’s Website and Facebook pages a facelift to continue the cycle of giving back.