Dear Reader, logo It is that time of year again!   Like a young kid eagerly preparing for Christmas I begin blogging non-stop about New England Give Camp and my  annual pilgrimage  to Cambridge.   untitled (4)Technical professionals began engaging in a weekend code-a-thon for non-profits and charities four years ago to utilize technology to positively impact the human condition.  I’m usually packed about a week in advance.   Last year, I had my train tickets purchased three months in advance.

A little over a month ago, I was at Microsoft’s NERD  on Memorial Drive renewing old acquaintances and anticipating this year’s Give Camp.  We could not have known the events that would unfold during this year’s Boston Marathon and in the week  to come.  While I was still in shock, I did not alter my plans at all.  I remind myself of several truths.  There are more of us at that collect these weekends than there were terrorists.   The collective positive impact of our weekends have had and will have a far greater reach than the destruction they did.  New England Give CampThere are far more of us than there were of them.   And the criminals are not the only ones to learn new and creative ways to use technology.   The Boston Police have become a presence on Twitter.

More than just an annual event, New England Give Camp has become a much more personal statement.  New England Give Camp, for me, is a way to reclaim technology for the betterment of mankind.