Dear Reader,

130418_boston_bombing_lgFor all of our advancements, achievements, and accomplishments as a global community, we have yet to solve the problem of horrible abuse of technology.   The most ironic thing about the recent bombing and war waged in the streets of Boston is that it was accomplished with very simple technology.   No super-advanced heat-seeking missiles were launched at MIT.   It was accomplished with technology that could have been implemented in 1812.

The Boston Marathon is an annual celebration of the human spirit and human accomplishment that has lasted 117 years.  Born out of the beauty of the Olympic games of 1896, the Boston Marathon began as a local tradition and now attracts worldwide competitors.  The beauty of this worldwide unity seemed threatened with this weeks’ events.  Will the violent fringe become the victors?

Beauty comes in strength as well.   The strength of the marathon runners who completed 26 miles and then ran another 2 miles to donate blood.   The strength of the Bostonians singing the National Anthem.   The strength of Americans

who fought war on our soil during the War of 1812.  “And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof thro’ the night that our flag was still there.”  Much like all of America watching on television with the Bostonians locked in their homes, Francis Scott Key, was locked up watching the primary-americanflagbombing of Fort McHenry and unable to defend the country.   Last night; the concussion grenades, the police, and the gunfire echoed the return fire from Fort McHenry that gave courage that our patriots that were still there.   Our strength as Americans remains undiminished in 200 years.   We prevailed.  And this time, our superior technology limited the loss of life and the length of the battle.

The National Anthem As Sung By Boston.