Dear Reader,

Is technology the solution to all our problems?  We can do things faster, more efficient, and begin to get to other planets —  Mars for a start.

I’m at the start of my career using my education, doing well, and solving problems.  I do tech support.   Nothing is as rewarding as when someone calls overstressed and screaming because they can’t get work done and you save them from the malfunctioning equipment and get them back on track.   So what’s the problem?


Everything is a crisis.   And if you’re not careful, its your crisis too.  Everyone wants everything done IMMEDIATELY!!!   And the fact is that life doesn’t work that way.   What we’ve lost along the way of gaining technology is our character and our soul as people.   We’ve become overgrown brats instead of mature adults.  Stress management begins with each one of us as individuals.

  • Mindset —  the way you think about life will determine your reaction and involvement to it.   The world existed long before you came along.   The entire human race does not depend on you alone.  Trust the process and just put the demands aside when your responsibilities are done.   Trust other people to be as capable as you are.
  • Rest —  Get it !   Even if you are unable to take time to physically sleep, find ways to unplug from the chaos around you.
  • Diet —  Huh?!?   What does diet have to do with stress?  A lot.   Curb the craving for sugar & caffeine.   You will regret it in the long run.   I eat a balanced diet, do not do repeated cups of coffee during the day and I’m not spiking my blood sugar.   A recent health analysis showed my blood pressure at 120/80 …  my blood sugar at 94 …my non-fasting total cholesterol at 238 and my HDL at 70 …. the nurse said “You’re a mover!  You don’t get cholesterol numbers like that without being active!”…
  • Exercise —  It rejuvenates your energy, your moods, reduces stress … etc….Happy-Old-People-1024x859

Ok, so I’m not giving the quick, easy answers that we all love.   But the fact is that life won’t work that way.   What kind of old person do you want to grow up to be?   Mean, cantankerous, loaded with avoidable health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-cancerous?   Or long-lived, happy & healthy ?