Dear Reader,

I used to pat myself on the back…   I was an intelligent user of the internet!  No viruses for me!   I ran antivirus, didn’t download, didn’t visit online porn….   Until…..
It attacked from out of nowhere…   eating up my resources, my drivers, my operating system…   Ok evil enemy of users everywhere…  I’m technical and I can rid myself of this menace.   So…  I ran all my scanners and virus removal tools… to no avail!  This one was stubborn!   With my work schedule I did not have the time to fix this… so I finally admitted defeat and took my computer to a specialist… a friend of a friend… that kind of thing…   turns out I had a rootkit virus, which I kind of figured.

For those of you who don’t know, a rootkit virus attacks computers at the operating system level.   They put themselves on your computer at the lowest level and take over and do all kinds of horrible, awful, yucky things.   I had thought of just backing my information up and then reloading the operating system.   The problem with that was I had no way of knowing if I would also back up the virus and then reload that as well!

Plus I was hoping to save my existing system.   Dave (from D.A. Computer) dug in and removed the virus… ran in-depth scans to fix the computer and make sure it was ok, paid attention to his intuition when he knew something was still wrong, and fixed my computer!   Horay!

The moral of the story?   Run antivirus, don’t be an idiot, back up your system, and go to an expert when you need one…