SunRiseDear Reader,

Author Philip Yancey coined a phrase, “the scandal of grace”.  How could grace be scandalous?  We all know and love grace.   It’s the freely given goodness we show each other.   Or is it?   Grace, as defined, is generous, free and totally unexpected and undeserved.   Still not seeing a problem here….

Picture this:  The homeless bum who gets money for coffee even though he’s drinking his money away…   the schoolkid who gets a second chance at homework even though she wasted time, dragged her feet, knowing it was due the next day ….  the employee not getting fired for a no-call no-show even though they deserve it…   that’s what grace is… not getting what we deserve…  that’s why its scandalous.

How does this pertain to my blog about techonology in our culture?

Picture this: Over a weekend, 30 non-profits, 120 volunteers and volunteer-time donations exceeding the equivalent of $150,000 in services!   Where does this take place?  Microsoft‘s NERD in Cambridge overlooking the Charles.  Who does this benefit?  Everyone including the bums in the streets.  Why?  Becaue its good for our souls to get away from the cares, the worries, the horror of day-to-day life and do something about it.