Dear Reader,

This year 30 non-profits benefitted from the hard work and dedicated volunteers who gave up a weekend to devote themselves to improving the world.

I saw some old friends from the previous two years — RESPOND, Catching Joy,… and made new friends this year …  besideds my own group, If I Were President ….

In these final hours of New Englad Give Camp 2012 my team, “Team Invincible”, wraps up all the hard work from this weekend.  We created a new application for The Covenant Shelter in New London, CT.   It’s called CARE and for a brief overview, the 5-slide Powerpoint is on YouTube below.

Left to right, back row:

Shawn (developer),  Olivia (organization), Lee (organization), Dan (developer)

Middle row:

Phil (technical team lead), Evelyn (me – design), Chris (developer)

Front row:

Kara (Phil’s Daughter, Data entry, SCRUM assistant, cheeerleader, gopher, and future dev)

Although I have lots of experience with PowerPoint this was my first attempt at publishing on YouTube….  Its a little rough, but very viewable…