Dear Reader,

I was working with a new client who has his own business from home and has a home network setup.   He needed an extra pair of hands integrating his new computer running Windows 7 into his existing setup with an older XP computer.   I was fighting with some odd behavior, hidden issues, and lo and behold the new compuer connected wirelessly and printed!   He was thrilled and so was I.

That hairy problem having been resolved after much fighting and frustration, we were moving on to other issues.  All of a sudden, nothing was responding!  Ugh!!  My worst fear… did I accidentally mess something up on the new computer while I was configuring everything?   It seemed to straighten itself out very slowly.   I subscribe to a few professional blogs.   I logged in the next day to learn that the Internet barfed  at the very time I was working with my client.   That’s my official technical diagnosis.  It barfed.  For more, read the article “Who Broke The Internet?”  Probably the same practical jokers who found it funny to crash the computers in school while I was working on my final project.

What are the odds that the day I’m doing intensive Internet work, the Net actually dies?   Urgh….