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That was once the lines to a famous song sung by Barbara Streisand.  I always preferred to do business with people.   In spite of the convenience offered by ATMs, automated phone lines, ticket machines, vending machines, and self-pay at the supermarket; I would rather have a real person.   My entire family will tell you with the aggrivated tone of voice how all of them would be done, paid, and in the car waiting for me to get checked out at the supermarket.  I would rather have a person.

In my personal life, I would rather be out with friends than using Facebook, Google chat, email, online games, texting, or any other electronic form of communication that separates me from real time spent with others.

It turns out, I’m not alone.   In the process of working on my own tiny business and learning the best ways to build it up, I found an article in favor of skipping social media and technology to build a better customer base.   The source?   SCORE.  The folks from the Small Business Administration who nurture fledgling companies.  One of the main points is to remain active in your community.   People do business with people they know.   Plain and simple.


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