Dear Reader,

It was my honor to attend this year’s 2011 Gala Fundraiser for RESPOND.  For those of you who may not know, RESPOND is New England’s first domestic violence agency and the second oldest in the nation.

They provide services for both women and men and they have shelters that will take victims with teenage boys.  During the course of the evening, I kept digging through my bag for many kleenex.  It was not all sad; however, a lot of the tears were those of joy.   I realized how far we as a society have come in such a short amount of time.   It used to be that a victim was trapped with the abuser and there were no options.   Now we have options and much is being done.

We are still far from finished, though.  Many victims stay with the abusers and the cycle of abuse continues.  I applaud and do my best to support the continued work of this organization.   I will be attending their fundraiser again next year so I can continue to see the progress being made.