Dear Reader,

In my last blog entry, I posed a puzzle that would have challenged Solomon himself.   I had three webpages built in Dreamweaver CS5

all with the same .css attached (see last post for definition of CSS).  I had added images to each of the web pages – different images – all found in the same directory in my website.   When I launched the browser – IE9 in this case – to test the website, the first two pages displayed as expected and my hyperlinks worked as expected.   When I navigated to the third page, the images were missing although the styling from the CSS was there.

I began investigating as I described in the last blog entry.  After being stumped for a bit and figured that my PC was playing a Halloween prank on me.

I looked at the URL that displayed in my screen and noticed something odd.

When I began developing the site, I had created the home page then the css then added the new folder to hold the images.  I proceeded to add a couple more pages.   One of the new pages accidentally wound up in the images folder and I wanted it in the root folder for the site.   So, I moused over it, clicked, and moved it.   Instead of moving the page, I had created a second one by making a copy in the root folder.   The hyperlink was pointing to the page with no image on it and the other page with the image was open in Dreamweaver.   Once I found the problem, I deleted theoffensive page, added the image where it should be, corrected the hyperlink and everything now worked out fine.

The Devil is in the details — or the ghost is!   Happy Halloween!!