Dear Reader,

My latest project is to expand my creative side in internet land.   So… I am working on a demo website to showcase the artistic side of technology using Dreamweaver CS5 and Gimp.     I create my home page and a nice .css[2] file to format it and provide the same look across the website.   So I happily add the images I’ve been editing using Gimp (for those of you wondering why I don’t use Photoshop, more information is at the end of this article.)  I added a couple buttons and links to go from one page to the next.   The home page worked just fine.   The next page after that worked just fine.   The third page… oddly enough… no images!  WTF?!?  I closed the browser and went back to the IDE[1] where I had the page open.   The image was there on the page.  The .css stylings were showing ok in both the browser and the IDE.  Instead of starting at the home page, I loaded the individual page into the web browswer using the F12 key to do it.   The page displayed just fine.   Images and styles from the .css.   So…. I hit the F12 key from the home page… followed the links… my images were gone… but the styling was there… HUH?!? Having hand-coded all my websites, I wasn’t sure if the .css connection was messing up Dreamweaver.   I separated the offending page from the .css.   Ran it the same way I just described and got the same results, but without the .css styling.   Images haunting my webpage in honor of Halloween!

I will be posting the answer to this in the next couple days.   Have fun if you want to take guesses at this one!  I will also post the link to the finished website once its published on the internet.


1.  IDE means integrated development enviornment.   Link throughfor more info atWikipedia.

2. .CSS is a refrence to a cascading style sheet.   A cascading style sheet is used to apply formatting to a webpage to control the look and feel of it for the user.   Link through for more info at Wikipedia.

My budget for my small one-person startup, Livant Enterprises, does not allow me to purchase the entire Adobe Suite of products for this kind of development work.   It’s not that I would not like to use the products.   I was fortunate earlier this year to run across a kind investor who was willing to purchase Dreamweaver and donate it to me for my development work in recognition of my hard work.   I also refuse to use pirated or stolen software in my business.   It has cost me business I could have gotten otherwise, but my ethics matter to me.   My company is comprised of soley myself and my reputation is the only one I have to work with.