Dear Reader,

1.  Random changes to my favorite social networking site that leave me lost, unable to find my friends or communicate — the whole point to the site.

2.  Changes to my favorite site that are worse than the original functioning that worked better.

3. Demands by the website for me to divulge all my personal information.   Pretty soon it will want to know all my medical information.

4. Constant nagging by the website that I can’t turn off.   How many times do I need the same suggestions that I told it were stupid suggestions???

5. Little to no tech support.   They tell you that you are stuck because they don’t care about your problems because the site is being offered to you.   Forget that without users they wouldn’t have a site.   OR no tech support forum available OR no tech support in easy-to-understand langauge OR all the information is propreitary and there is no way to network about the networking…..