Dear Reader,

Time.Com has an article on their top 50 picks for websites for 2011.  I have included the link to the original article partly for legitimate documentation reasons and also so you can find the original list.   Being somewhat opionated, I’ve edited the list for my top 5 picks.

Dear Photograph is one of my top picks due to the simplicity in the creativity that just about anyone can participate in and produce heartwarming results.  Kudos to the genius behind this idea.

Poptropica is one of the most fun, creative websites for kids to play with around.   I had to try.   Unfortunately, the age only goes up to 15 so I had to remember what it was like to be 8.

Open Yale Courses is for those of you who want to become übersmart.   Other Ivy League schools such as Harvard and Princeton also make courses public as well.

The Escapist is for those of you who shun smarts and just want to play.

Duck Duck Go … yet another search engine… with a twist.   Only one employee and sleek.  I got fast, good results with it.   Oh yeah, it doesn’t track your searching either.  Try it out for yourself!


The original Time article is at this URL :,29569,2087815,00.html