Dear Reader,

This past weekend, I had a great adventure.   I hopped a Peter Pan out of Providence to New York City — all alone.  Lost my mind?   A single woman alone going into the big city?   Maybe.   However, I am queen of urban travel.   I live in Providence and walk home alone at night.   I go into Boston and out to Waltham all by myself all the time.

If you dropped me off in the middle of a forest with a compass and all the tools necessary for survival you would still never see me alive again.   It is a really good thing that Lewis and Clark weren’t relying on me to guide them across unexplored America.   We would not have a country.  However, you can drop me off in the middle of a city with minimal resources and I’ll flourish.

I came up out of the Port Authority smack dab in the middle of Times Square.   The sight that captivated me held me transfixed and I was in love.   No pictures or images on televesion prepared me for the lights and the life of New York on a Friday night.   I spent the night walking the city and talking to others out sightseeing and socializing.   It’s true.   New York is the city that never sleeps.

I also had a reason to be there.   I was heading to the Micrsoft New York City Code Camp Saturday morning at Pace University which happened to be a short trip by train from there.    But that is another blog post….