Dear Longsuffering Reader,

For those of you die-hard fans out there who are still looking at my blog, I apologize for the long silence.

Code Camp New York CIty!

The latest news is that I will be speaking at Microsoft’s upcoming NYC Code Camp 6 on Saturday, October 1 at Pace University in downtown Manhattan!    You heard that right — your local nobody is speaking at Microsoft.  I will be speaking about beginning with Microsoft from a beginner’s point of view.   This talk is of benefit to beginners who don’t know their way around Microsoft development; however it is also of benefit for those in the field with development experience who aren’t as familiar with Microsoft or those broadening their range of skills.

I am currently in the process of putting the talk together and I’ll post updates as soon as they are available.  If you have any suggested content or items you wish me to cover in my talk, please email me.   I will also post my notes after the code camp for those of you who may be unable to attend.

Wait!  Wait!  There’s more!   This event is open to anyone interested.   All of you friends, family, fans, and critics and hecklers who wish to come are able to.  Unfortunately, Microsoft can’t keep offering them free.   So they are now charging the outrageous price of $15.   The price of admission gets you access to a robust offering of seminars from leaders in the technical field as well as breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages.  Registration is required.   In order to register and get all the details, follow the link for NYC Code Camp 6 .

Stay tuned to this blog for future updates and more exciting news from your friendly, neighborhood Ev!