Dear Reader,

rusty cast iron

The Old Worthless Pan

This past Saturday was the beginning of yard sale season for me and my girlfriend, Jill.   With Jill at the wheel and both of us armed with dollar bills and change we hit the local yard sale circuit to see what treasures we would unearth.   I hit paydirt!   Overlooked, rusty cast iron in need of tender loving care.  Gingerlly, I hefted the cast iron to see how it would swing during the heat of battle while cooking in my kitchen.  It was beautifully balanced!   I turned it over… OMG…

The Hidden Jewel

It was a Lodge!! One of the best brands in cookware.

I bought it and its twin all for the price of $2!!   I got the aforementioned rustbucket home knowing that a little rust to cast iron is like tarnish to sterling silver.   It just needs a little love to remove it and with continual use, it stays free of the oxidizing.   I tackled the pan with steel wool, heat from my gas stove, more steel wool and crisco.   I keep crisco in the house solely for cast iron cleaning and the occasional pie crust.

The Touch Of The Master's Hand

After just a bit of work, it was now a thing of beauty… the best tool for cooking known to womankind.  I decided it was “Damn the calories, full speed ahead!”   I baptized it with sausage, onions, potates and eggs.   All good cast iron needs lots of pork fat to share the love.   Ask Emeril.   He’ll tell you.

Good Old Home Cooking