Dear Reader,

Ok, so it’s not IE9.

Rockmelt is continuing to evlove nicely.   I downloaded the latest incarnation and it runs beautifully.

Click to download rockmelt

At last week’s conference; Microsoft’s President of the Online Services Group, Qi Lu, described the ongoing evolution of the Information Superhighway into our Digital Community. With the advent of social networking we are seeing hybridization of man and machine, of real human experience digitized.   Rockmelt, is the first generation of browsers and future apps that will begin to marshall this new rising global cyborg  – its bones composed of servers, routers, and switches – its life blood coming from the websites and applications – the “connective tissue” being the myriad web of hyperlinks through cyber space.  What doesn’t it have?  Developer tools.   I suppose it would be like a surgeon operating on himself.  Perhaps that is best left to the workhorses of browsers.