Dear Reader,

I love spring.   Rebirth.   For me, the first heralds of spring are the lowly crocus flowers.

It used to be the little moments were lost or not so easy to preserve.  Film cameras were bulky and complex to use – fStops, ASA settings, light meters, etc.   Then there was the cost of processing the film and the waiting to see if the pictures turned out ok.   No way to tell if you caught the image just right or it would be washed out.  I remember years of crocus pictures that looked like they had been bleached by mother nature leaving them in the wash too  long.

Thanks to this great little Fuji camera that my father bought me this is the case no longer.   It fits in my handbag and with the instant readout available on digital display I know if I am walking away with good pictures or if I need to retake them.