Dear Reader,

“Have Laptop ~ Will Travel” has become my new slogan.

After Give Camp the weekend of April 29 – May 1 , you would think I’d seen enough of Microsoft to last awhile.  Never.  I am quickly becoming the urban backpacker.   That weekend; I packed up my laptop, enough clothes for the weekend, my trusty pillow, and my sleeping bag and took a bus, the commuter rail, and the T to NERD for the weekend.

This weekend, Code Camp 15 demanded more urban backpacking.   I travelled a bit lighter this time since it was only a one-day event and not an entire weekend.   I still packed up my laptop – always.    A change of clothes.   Caught the bus, commuter rail, T, and a second bus out to Everett for the night to the Backpacker’s Bargain Rock Hostel for the night ( I have issues paying $100 to sleep).   I get to re-live my younger college days with dorm-like accommodations.  On the way, I ran into two young girls with full backpacks, serious foot travel gear and their two puppies for companionship trying to make their way home to Washington State.   I gave them the last 30 cents in my pocket and wished them well.

The reason for all of this?  I was on my way to the district office in Waltham for Code Camp 15 Developers In The Streets on Saturday and the Train from Providence wouldn’t get me there in time.  It was time well spent – the Code Camp was a great all-day event led by the best and brightest in the field who donate their time to give back to the technical community.   The most difficult part of the day was deciding between equally intereting meetings.