Dear Reader,

Never Mind The Bullets!   It’s an old, comic book style story / game taking advantage of all the latest and greatest graphic capabilities on the Web using Ineternet Explorer 9.  “The story unfolds at LongHorn Gush, a quiet town troubled by a band of outlaws that call themselves «The Red Bandanas». However, with the arrival of the famous Bill «One Shot» Collins things are about to change…”[1]

I have quite a few browsers loaded on my laptop so I decided to test the work to see if IE9 was really superior as the folks at Microsoft claimed.  First, I cleared the browsers of any cookies and history to optomize and make the challenge fair.

The story loaded quickly and ran great on IE9 – no suprise there.

I also have Safari on my pc – that usually outperforms most other browsers.   In this case the story loaded much more slowly.   It ran fine for a few frames then I had parts of characters while it slowed down to reload.

Next, I tried Chrome – my default browser of choice for oh so many reasons.  Once again, the story loaded much more slowly than in IE9; however, it seemed ok after that.   It just didn’t look quite as good as in IE9 – it looked more flat and uninteresting.

Then, I went with Firefox.  As with the other browsers, the page loaded noticeably slower.  It also scrolled across the story much slower than the other browsers and it was slightly jumpy.  I lost parts of the story and couldn’t continue reading it.

Here is your challenge –  much to my surprise the folks at Microsoft have revamped IE9 like you wouldn’t believe!   Check out this story / game in your favorite browser of choice and compare it with IE9.    Microsoft said that they were the only ones up to current Web Standards and able to access all the new features.   See if they’re right!