Dear Reader,

If you want to write your own websites, but find that Dreamweaver is too expensive and nothing else is easy or cheap then welcome to Microsoft Web Matrix.

This is a full development enviorment to easily create fairly robust websites.  You can choose to start a site from one of the online Web Galleries, from one of the pre-made templates, or a previous website you’ve written and saved.

In order to do this, if you don’t already have it, first download the Microsoft installer.  This great tool will check your system and find all the versions of all the tools that will work.  It is a quick download HERE. After that, find the button for Web Matrix and click it.   You’ll have it on your machine and be writing websites in no time!

For those of you who are slightly more hardcore, Web Matrix has a button to port the applications you build into Visual Studio if you find you need the richer set of development capabilities in VS.   You do not need to have Visual Studio on your machine to use Web Matrix and you can install Visual Studio after the fact if you decide you want it.  This is a great tool for experienced developers who want a quick way to put together simple web sites as well as for newbies who want an easy way to get started web programming.

Apple doesn’t offer anything like this for developers.  If your Mac runs Windows you can develop for the PC for free.

And to my previous critic who wondered about my veracity and sources of information – this comes from Chris Bowen’s Session at Code Camp 15 held at Microsoft’s District office in Waltham, MA.  Although, I should mention that the comments comparing to Apple are mine and were never made at Microsoft by any of their staff.