Dear Reader,

I arrived at New England Give Camp 2011 to work for The Morrill Memorial Library.   Shortly, I saw a better opportunity and abandoned them for The Newton Tanzania Collaborative.  Why Tanzania?   Perhaps it was some familial ties with my younger brother, Ted, who worked in Tanzania for part of his career?  Maybe it was the lure of the exotic… work in Africa.

The truth is that The Library really didn’t need three people for the work and the NTC team wound up in need of extra hands.  My team said to go see if I could help them and they adopted me.  No worries.

The Newton Tanzania Collaborative is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to educational development and cross-cultural exchange between students stateside and in rural Tanzania. They work over in Tanzania between Dar es Salaam (the capital) on the west coast (A7 – B2 markers on Google satellite image)and Kibaha (also A7) – follow the yellow line slightly to the East – Check out the Google Map at the end of the post.

That was the part of the project I worked on included a separate web page for their main website for the Village Reading Corner – a webpage to engage stateside children in virtual reading activities with Tanzanian children.  It shows the reading group over in Tanzania and stateside kids can join by logging their reading.   There is also a new geography game for stateside kids to travel across the world making layovers on the way to Tanzania!   Seriously cool!

If you want to learn Swahili, try this WEBSITE.