Dear Reader,

Yes, I said “heck”.
In response to a reader request for a blog about QR Codes, I am writing this informative post.

For those of you who don’t know, QR Codes (quick response codes) are the next evolutionary stage of bar codes.  Late at night, while the world was asleep, the bar codes were genetically altered… they became bigger… more powerful!  Now, what does this mean to you, the normal person?

Instead of the old “‘Skinny bar, fat bar, fat bar, fat bar, skinny bar, fat bar, $1.24.‘”[2] these new codes are 2-dimensional and able to be read by  camera phones with a free downloadable app installed.   It’s the QR App for the iPhone.  On the Android its the QR Droid LA.   You’ll need to find the app for your particular model of smart phone.   Ok… so you might be saying… so what?  Well, a lot….

Recently, a friend of mine was shopping for a new car.   The sticker in the window had the QR Code.   He took a picture with his camera phone (which most everyone has) and it immediately brought him to the website for the car that had all the manufacturer’s information.

You can also do the same with just about any product with a QR Code on it and the app will tie into your cell phone’s GPS abilities and find you the lowest price in your shopping area.

So, how often do you buy a car?   Is this worth the hassle of the the download? Is this QR thing worth paying attention to?  In a recent online article published by Umika Pidaparthy of CNN Tech seems to think so.  I got my own QR Code for Livant Enterprises’ website and it will be coming out in my next set of business cards.  I am a geeky trend setter.  Here it is on this blog post!   Feel free to download!   Definitely NO right-click protection here.

But are QR Codes the exclusive domain of businesses?  Not necessarily.   Ben Gregg ( @bengregg ), provider of technical Staffing and Consulting, commented in a recent Tweet regarding Mashable article “‘QR Code Resume Makes Your Embossed Paper Look Lame’  this would definitely get my attention!”  Here is the job-winning video: