Dear Reader,

Apple Computer has not commented publicly on the issues raised by quite a few folks concerned with security issues with iOS4 on the iPhone

However, Apple DID comment on Samsun‘s similar design “‘This kind of blatant copying is wrong,’ Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said in a statement.”[4] in an article by Dan Levine of Reuters.

According to an article written by Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry of the Business Insider this kind of lawsuit is nearly impossible to win because that kind of imitation drives the free market enterprise. [1]  Mr. Gobry went on to compare this kind of tactic to those employed by Microsoft against Android.   Further, in an article written by James White from Mega Tech News, “Samsung introduced a full touch screen phone a full year before Apple, only to have Apple copy their design.  Effectively, this means that Apple is suing Samsung for copying their design that they copied from Samsung in the first place.”[2]

I will be examining these issues more in-depth in my post tomorrow; however,   I made the observation that Microsoft as the former technical dominating company was guilty of some ills that came to light.   I wondered what would happen to Apple as it begins to gain the same popularity.

Those that scream the loudest have the most to hide.  What is Apple hiding?