Dear Reader,

Why is it that I can program computers in C#, Java, SQL, XHTML utilizing CSS for formatting — differing operating systems are no obstacle, and write linked lists using Pascal on a PRIME mainframe yet whenever I’m introduced to a new development enviorment I feel like I’m starting over?   Ugh


I have the delight of having my new technical baby — Dreamweaver CS5.   I also have the delight of learning a new enviornment.   Ugh!  However, it is not so foreign as I feared.   The online tutorials are pointing me in the right direction quickly.   There are nice little features built in such as a very easily-accessable button to show you a live preview where you can edit your code and update the live view. You can view related files such as the CSS, edit that while looking at your webpage and see the changes immediately.   Not bad.

I have to let my tuckered brain rest for a bit before I finish configuring the development server I downloaded (an XAMPP) for Windows to begin my trek into server-side tutorials and development — back to my old friend, Apache.   PHP is on the horizon.