Dear Reader,

Is a WYSIWYG REALLY a WYSIWYG?     WYSIWYG is a short-hand way to explain an enviorment where you can create something so that “what you see is what you get”.   But do you really?

How about writing a blog in WordPress?   The formatting can look odd, your pictures may not go where you want them… and then you preview in the browser to find that some of it is due to the column width definitions!   Shouldn’t a true WYSIWYG handle that for you so that you truly get what you see?

How about the WYSIWYG if you develop a free Google website?   My friends complain that my website doesn’t look right on their browsers or screen size.   Shouldn’t a WYSIWYG help compensate for that?  At least warn you?

I just got Dreamweaver that offers a very robust WYSIWYG.   Dreamweaver does provide tools to help assist with those final difficulties – there is a built-in preview button to give a “live” view as well as an online service, Adobe BrowserLab, to aid in this process.

Then there’s good old Microsoft — Visual Studio 2010.  No convenient button to push.  Just preview in a browser window.   The HTML can look good, the Is there an online source similar to Adobe BrowserLab?   The curse of the browser-compatibility wars continues….