Dear Reader,

Give Camp 2010, was the event of a lifetime!  I am packed already for Give Camp 2011!  Volunteers including myself camped in the offices of Microsoft’s New England Research and Development Center at One Memorial Drive — I personally, spread my sleeping bag out in the conference room and slept on the floor! Give Camp is an organization that arranges weekend-long events to connect technology professionals with a heart for giving with non-profits and charities that are in need of technical help.  What is GiveCamp? from givecamp on Vimeo.

I wound up contributing to the new website for RESPOND.   There is a write-up on my website HERE.   Complete pictures have been updated to my Facebook page HERE.   This year’s event is coming up in about two weeks!  For Twitter updates, follow me at @EvyLion or Jim O’Neil @jimoneil.

Facta non verba -“deeds, not words.” — Jim O’Neil