Dear Reader,

What better to fill the hungry gourmet with than chicken?   Scandalized, are you?  After my lovely expidition into fine cooking with such delicacies as lemon curd served at high tea how could I possibly be satisfied with the humble chicken?

The answer lies in homecooking and some inspiration from the reigning monarchy in cooking.  Alton Brown is one of my favs when it comes to cooking shows.   I borrowed some of his ideas from his show on roasted butterflied chicken.   I was not quite motivated enough to butterfly a chicken.   However, I grabbed my wonderful self-basting roasting pan, bought a Purdue on sale, put some great veges under the bird and roasted away.  Alton broiled his, but I went for the longer version.   I also put a couple cloves of garlic through the Pampered Chef garlic press that I swear by and chopped up some fresh lemons – ground it together in my moarter and pestle – and then put it under the skin of the bird and right in contact with the meat before roasting.

Super Yum!!

Then, after I stripped the poor old bird of most of its meat; I put the carcass, more veges, fragrant herbs and flavorings with tons of water in a stock pot.   Simmered that viscious mix for a couple hours and BEHOLD — homemade chicken stock from The Dairy Hollow House Soup & Bread Cookbook (an unexpected gem of a find at the public libarary) for future cooking endeavors now preserved in my freezer.

My total cost?   The bird and veges were about $10.