Dear Reader,

This blog post is guaranteed to separate your conscious mind from reality.   If you are one of my technical or non-technical readers, if you have years of experience or you don’t — it matters not.  So seatbelt yourself in for the ride of your life!   We are going down the rabbit hole!

I was at Microsoft’s District office in Waltham yesterday for a Web Camp.   A Web Camp, for those of you who don’t know, is a nerdy mixer for technical people.   It’s our version of Woodstock.   Instead of hearing rock stars and getting to meet them and hang with the roadies, we get to hear top professionals working for Microsoft, meet them, learn from them … and win great stuff! I won a great door prize yesterday!   Visual Studio 2010 Professional!   I now have the latest and greatest tools from Microsoft to make websites soar upon the wings of the cloud. [1]

But I digress….

As we all know, computers are dumb.   If you have ever fought with your email or your word document when it won’t do what you want it to do… you know that computers are dumb.  As a programmer, this dumbness becomes 1000-fold more intense as you get closer to the heart of a computer and you have to talk to the computer itself in the language of the machine.   You realize how dumb the computer is.  It will NEVER do what you want it to do.   It makes you go hunting and wasting time to figure out how to get it to do what you want it to do.

SO!  Imagine the temporary loss of sensation to my ability to think when Chris Bowen showed us in a demonstration yesterday a computer that wasn’t dumb!  In order to make a website get information for you, the casual web surfer, we need to connect to a database where the information is stored in order to get it for you.   Usually, this is a painful process involving tons of time wiring all of it up while the dumb computer gets in the way.   Yesterday, Chris wrote a program with NO database and the computer did what he asked it to do.    It created one and ran.

No lies.

This is like taking a key, turning the ignition in a car with no engine attached to the rest of the chassis and drivetrain — and having the car do what you want it to do!   Turn over and start and run.


1.   There is a Visual Studio 2010 Express version for free HERE.