Dear Reader,

To make the # @ RT  DM # communication around Twitter more understandable to newbies and a few tools that may help more experienced users as well, The Huffington Post recently wrote an article with some helpful tips.  This blog post contains a summary.   The link to the original post is in the notes section as well as HERE.

  1. RT = ReTweet.  That means that a user shares an original tweet in the original form.
  2. DM = Direct Message.  It is a very short email that is up to 140 characters to another single user.
  3. To reply to someone’s tweet, just begin a reply with “@username” to reply just to that person.
  4. To keep everyone in the loop, use their username in your tweet to another friend like “Meeting at the mall with @Cyndi”
  5. Hashtag = Created using the pound symbol (#) ahead of a word or term.   Its used to mark keywords, terms, tag posts or just to have fun.   A maximum of three per post is recommended.
  6. Pictures, screenshots, videos (any media) = Link must be embedded.   There are also third party sharing services that work such as Twitpic, Twitgoo, TweetPhoto, Yfrog, and Picktor.
  7. URLs may contain too many characters for a twitter post.   Utilizing a URL compression tool helps.   Such tools are:,, and  A longer list is HERE.
  8. If at all possible, use less than the allotted 140 characters otherwise it may not be possible for another user to re-tweet your message.
  9. Twitter Lists can be set up to help organize tweets and filter all the information coming in.
  10. You can use some great third party applications to keep track of what’s happening on Twitter such as Tweetdeck, Seesmic, and Hootsuite.   View more of a list HERE.

I hope this was helpful and happy tweeting!!