Dear Reader,

As is most of the country, I am watching all my pennies these days while I continue to work on my career.   It seems like I am continually having to miss out on lots of extras that just made life more enjoyable.   However, I have found that its entirely possible to eat well and have some of those extras after all.   It just takes a bit of home-cooking and time-juggling, but its possible.   You can have such delights as home-baked bread and other treats even on a very tight budget and in between job-hunting, schoolwork, and networking events.

I will be interjecting with my occasional “poor student gourmet” blog.    Most recently, I happened upon a sale at the supermarket of lemons.   An entire bag full for much less than I normally spend.   But what to do with them??   A few Google searches later and some thinking resulted in lemon curd.   Find the recipe I used HERE.   I had some time one evening after dinner so I whisked the concoction over a simmering pot and low and behold:  lemon curd!   It’s good!   I had my gourmet treat that normally retails for $20 -$30 per jar for about $2 – $3.   I bought some vanilla ice cream to put it on.

Technical instruments uses:  Google to find recipe, stainless steel bowl, whisk, copper-bottom pot and refrigerator.