Dear Reader,

Google — the best used resource on the internet for finding information — is now used by many modern housewives (are there any still out there?) and men who need to cook dinner.  Google has begun to tailor its search engine where recipes are involved to make it easier for people to find what they need.   It has been proposed that Google is providing biased data.  

A hot debate rages over the controversy between quick cooking and good cooking.  It appears that Google has inadvertantly taken the side of the “fast and easy” diets.   Are we in trouble?  

I do the cooking from scratch.   I hate fast and easy — makes me feel bad and it tastes worse.   There’s nothing better than coming home to good cooking.   The leftovers I can pull from the refrigerator and reheat speak of home to me.   There are ways to do good cooking around a career — I’ve juggled it. 

It seemed to me that the searches were coming up funny and I had to enter them differently lately.  I thought I hadn’t used Google in too long.   Turns out it wasn’t me.  

I’m determined to stick to my good cooking.   I figure I just have to tweak my Google searches to get the good results.