Dear Reader,

In our web-based world, the most important application is the Web Browser.   Browsers abound: Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer are the top ones right now including Apple’s Safari.  Some dead browsers include Netscape Navigator.   I recently posted a blog about a completely different browser, RockMelt — possibly the harbinger of the third browser war?

Most people know that IE is slow and cludgy and almost any browser beats it.

Microsoft has just released IE9 — it works only with Windows 7 or Vista.  However, it is being downloaded 27 times per second. [4]

I have not yet tried IE9.   My browser of choice is generally Chrome or Safari for Windows and sometimes Firefox if I am developing a web application.  I keep IE on my machine for those odd times when some application will only work with IE.

Here’s the download site for the new version of IE for those of you who want to try it: DOWNLOAD