Dear Reader,

I had to have it.  But what is it??   It’s an Internet Browser designed to integrate your favorite social network sites with the powerful tools of Google that you already use.

This is still in Beta release so it does have a few hiccups.  Proceed for fun, but at your own risk.

For those of you who have to have it and are not technically saavy I am offering help at discount rates to get started with this … services include:

  • Installation & Setup
  • Removal and cleanup of your machine
  • Tutoring

Email me at

For those of you who have the technical skills and have to have it, I’ve included the details of my install.  Their privacy policy and other questions answered here: RockMelt Privacy

I went to the website to download RockMelt and try it out. It’s just out of Beta testing and I found that I had to perform an extra step on the install.

Help site is here: RockMelt Help

1. I went to this website and clicked the button to download the installer:
2. Then I ran the installer as an Administrator and nothing happened. So, I reversed my steps and found that the installer hadn’t launched the application. I am working on a PC and I used the search function to look for any program named RockMelt.

You will need to find the specific place on your PC where the installer put the executable. In my case it was: “C:\Users\Evelyn\AppData\Local\RockMelt\Application”

I went to that folder and ran the Application as an Administrator.

And that was it! My new browser opened after requesting access from Facebook. Other than a few hiccups, here it is:

You will need to add a shortcut to your desktop if you like to launch that way.

Have fun!   Once again, RockMelt Help