Dear Reader,

If you recall in this news item reminiscent of “The Twilight Zone” , Systemgraph, a support company officially approved by Apple to be its reseller and authorized service provider was suing Dimitris Papadimitriadis, a physician in Greece and a disgruntled customer over a negative forum posting.  They were seeking damages in the amount of 200,000 euros or approximately $269,880 American.

Systemgraph dropped the case and issued a statement, “We were led to an excessive and inappropriate response, and finally accepting that Mr Papadimitriadis’ intention was not to undermine the reputation and credibility, withdraw such court action.” a few days before the case was to go to court.

It has been interesting from an English-speaking point of view to see the flurry of Greek Twitter Posts in support of Mr Papadimitriadis.   #systemgraph on Twitter.  An English equivalent is avilable here.[3]

However, it is not yet over!

Systemgraph has not reimbursed Mr Papadimitriadis for the costs incurred in preparing to go to court or the resolution of the problems with the original equipment.  In addition, the Greek Consumer Ombudsman is now involved in attempting to broker an agreement.

There has been no comment from Apple on the case.

So who is the Greek Consumer Ombudsman?

The Greek Consumer Ombudsman is a new independent authority established and supervised by the Ministry of Development. The creation of this Authority, is in line with the recommendation entailed in the EU Green Paper for the improvement of the functioning of intermediaries who are responsible for handling consumer disputes.[2]

Our global community is truly growing closer.  The Atlantic Ocean, a few seas like the Tyrrhenian and Baelaric and seven time zones no longer prevent Greece from becoming our neighbor.  What’s next?