Dear Reader,

Everyone does it.   Using the cloud.   Most people use social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.

The advantage to individuals begins with greater convenience especially for on-the-go laptop use.   The connectedness with friends and  fast, better communication with long-distance or busy family keeps lives from drifting apart.   Milestones such as the  new baby, the engagement, and baby’s  first steps don’t have to be missed.

Then there are the sites for convenience so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home!   Online banking, EBay, online shopping, and PayPal.  Then, for the truly adventurous, there is Craigslist — gaining more notoriety by the day, but showing no signs of falling out of favor.

Not to be left out, businesses are getting in the action:  customer relationship management (CRM) is the name of the game.
Coordinating and improving business efficiency through the cloud.  ROI (return on investment) — what could be more important to a company’s bottom line?

The challenge for both individuals and businesses using the internet is security.  The issues range from simple email lists that get redistributed to spammers to malicious hacking.  My next few blog posts will cover some of these issues and possible solutions for businesses and individuals.