Dear Reader,

“It will work out.”

You have just broken up again.   On again, off again, once again, never again.   Your girlfriend consoles you with a tub of chocolate ice cream and kleenex.   Your girlfriend soothes you with the old words of wisdom.

In our digital age, computer scientists, social scientists, and good old fashioned relationship gurus try to streamline dating.   Not only do dating websites abound, but  you can make use of the best tools.  You can match by common interests, specific interest, and lists of “must have” qualities in another mate.

Has technology revamped dating?

I think that like every other part of our lives, computers can enhance our relationships.  But can anything take the place of ….

a glance….

a smile…

the couples that beat the odds?

A computer can’t tell Fred that Erica grew up in the same hometown and she’s just like the girl next door.   He hates bicycles.  A computer can’t tell Erica that the guy sitting two rows down using the other computer has eyes that she could get lost in.   She’s too busy making a date with John.  The computer says that he shares her interest in bicycling.   It doesn’t tell her that he drinks.

Some old proverbs stand the test of time because they are always true.

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