Dear Reader,

This is a case of man bites dog.

“The phrase ‘The customer is always right’ was originally coined by Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of Selfridge’s department store in London in 1909.”1

This long-standing business rule has been often debated and creatively interpreted, but now it is being challenged in court.

This week, Systemgraph, a Greek Apple support company has decided to take an irate customer to court to try to recover 200,000 euros (about $267,000)  for posting his story of bad service on a public internet forum. (Twitter tag #Systemgraph).

Customers post complaints to forums all the time.  So why is Systemgraph is fighting what it believes is “an organised attempt to slander and insult” to its reputation.   (Twitter hash: #Systemgraph)?   Every company winds up with customers that complain.   What is so different about Dimitirs Papadimitriadis than other unhappy customers?

Customers have the right to seek redress for financial wrongdoing by companies.   Consumer advocacy organizations abound in response to aid customers resolve issues.   Local to New England, Susan Wornick was named a member of Team 5 Investigates, WCVB’s investigative unit, in 2006 and also serves as NewsCenter 5’s consumer reporter.

Systemgraph has decided to turn the tables.

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