Dear Reader,


Alexis slumped in the chair red-faced and teary-eyed.    Her mother didn’t look much better,   “She’s such a good girl.   I know my Alexis didn’t cheat!!”

Kat suggested that Alexis wait outside the office while they talked.

“Mrs. White, I wish I could tell you otherwise, but your daughter’s test is identical to Emma’s.   She must have cheated.”

“I see how this works! You’re going after Alexis because she’s not as smart as the other kids!   You only like the smarter ones!!  Alexis is in trouble, but not Emma!!”

Kat sighed to herself.   This was never a good moment with parents.  “Emma’s issues with the test are being brought to her parents’ attention as well.   I care for all my students regardless of ability.”

“No you don’t!!” ranted Mrs. White, “Some stupid machine decided that my daughter cheated?!?  And YOU’RE agreeing with it?? What kind of excuse for a teacher are you that can throw these kids to a cold, unfeeling pile of tonka toy parts??”

Kat sucked in her breath.  “The computer only looks at the information and flags possible problems.   I looked over the test myself to make sure there was no error.”

“I am not going to sit here and let you give my daughter a zero because the school has decided to let some machine raise kids!”

“Ok, Mrs. White” countered Kat, “I understand your feelings.  If you want, I will schedule a second test for Alexis to take and I will give her the opportunity to clear her name.   However, I must warn you that the test will be more difficult than the original and she will have to take it alone in the room monitored by a teacher.”

“Fine!” huffed Mrs. White as she stormed out of the office.   “Come on, Alexis.”  They headed home.