Dear Reader,

Since I take my obligation to the technical and non-technical readers of my blog very seriously, I undertook to investigate the existence of Santa utilizing all the modern computer tools at my disposal and I am happy to report that: yes, there IS a Santa Claus.

Not only is Santa a local United States phenomenon, but he has been confirmed by NORAD‘s high-tech tracking capabilities worldwide.

This recent tracking video came from Australia :

Other sightings have been reported and caught on video in China:

For those of you who don’t know, NORAD makes a goodwill donation of its incredible technology to benefit the children of the world every year.   NORAD tracks Santa‘s progress and will report back if you call in.  The NORAD Tracks Santa Operations Center will be open from 4:30 a.m. Dec. 24 to until 5 a.m. Eastern on Dec. 25. You can call them at 877-HI-NORAD (877-446-6723). From Colorado Springs or overseas, try 719-556-5211. (Cost may be incurred.)

For those of you who enjoy a high-tech approach for the kids (and yourselves):

  • See Santa on a Google Map: On your home computer or laptop, visit and choose your preferred language. You’ll see a large Google Map on the page displaying Santa’s current location and his next stop. Click the video icons to watch “Santa Cam” videos, and click the gift icons to learn more about each city.
  • Watch Santa fly with the Google Earth Plug-in:, click on the link Track Santa in Google Earth. You’ll see Santa steering his sleigh right on the webpage. If you don’t have the Google Earth plug-in, you can get ready by downloading it ahead of time.
  • Follow Santa on your phone: Track Santa from your mobile phone by opening Google Maps for mobile and searching for [santa]. Or, visit on your phone’s browser.
  • Subscribe to his YouTube channel: Santa’s home on YouTube is at That’s where you can find videos from his journey throughout the night.
  • Get real-time information about Santa’s location:Use Google’s Realtime Search to get updates from social networks, news and micro-blogs like Twitter at@noradsanta, and keep up with news about his journey on this Facebook page.

Source of this list: The Washington Post