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In the exploding era of the Information Technology age we wonder what kind of future are we forming?   I took a step out of the High-Technology world last night and spent some time with the average business people.   The average person is incredibly tech-savvy.   The day when technological wizardry was the exclusive domain of the nerds & geeks is as far distant as the Mesolithic Era.

In my spare-time daydreaming, I think that the average Joe will be the one who gets us to populate the next planet.   I think that all the average consumers will buy the latest and greatest gadgets.   The era of the “backyard mechanic” isn’t gone after all — it’s just changing from cars to computers.   I think the backyard mechanics will pool their resources and take off for a weekend on Jupiter when they want to get away.   (To all you science types out there, yes, I know that Jupiter is a gas giant.   This blog is not meant to be technically accurate all the time — read at your own risk.)