Dear Reader,

This is my tribute to a very special lady who has had a lasting impact on my life.
Note to my readers: I am not editing Gloria’s comments for “polite company”. She is an honest woman who speaks her mind.

About seven years ago, I had grown bitter towards the world. I was tired at a very young age. Until I met Gloria. The day I met Gloria, she was dressed very simply in jeans and a t-shirt that were her working clothes. She had obviously known hard work her entire life and was approaching retirement age. Yet, her face was young, serene, warm and inviting.

Gloria had not tired of life. She often said, “If I’m not at least 100 and I’m the ground then you know that wherever I am I AM REALLY PISSED OFF!” Gloria said that in spite of life’s hardships and heartaches she loved life and loved living it. I wanted some of Gloria’s wisdom.

Gloria’s personal moments arrive while running errands or eating dinner. Gloria has a heart of gold. She had built up herself into a very successful businesswoman in a very unconvential way. Gloria’s happiness was not based in ambition in business or in counting money. Gloria’s happiness was based in the people that she cared for. Gloria had taken life on her own terms and been wildly successful. Gloria was the first person I ever met who was a success and who had kept her humanity in tact.

In the short time I knew Gloria, she taught me more about business and money than I had ever learned in my life before then. I owe a large part of my current career success to her teachings. I have built up a career mostly in the financial industry that would have never happened without her influence.

Gloria also gave me another one of my greatest treasures: Cindy. Cindy was another acquaintance of Gloria’s who became one of my closest friends. Cindy reminds me daily of how fortunate I am to have good people in my life.

I owe much of my current character to both Cindy and Gloria. Gloria worked in grace as other artists worked in oils. Cindy personifies gentleness. I often felt like I fell short of the qualities of these two women. Gloria reminded me that she had 20+ years’ experience on me.

To those of you who have known me for many years, you know how unique I am. To those of you who are meeting me for the first time now, you are learning how eccentric I am. Gloria showed me how to be successful in life while still being myself.