Dear Reader,

One of my friends requested that I return to blogging and was interested in updates about my current work.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with technology-land, I will act as your tour guide through the jungle of my current career.

Last year, I gained the knowledge of the forest — How to survive and what the different flora and fauna were(3.94 GPA from ITT-Technical Institute garnishing highest honors in Software Applications and Programming, tech manuals, professional mentors) and how to navigate the forest (networking organizations and much career coaching, advice, and cheering). I lacked a machete and the tools necessary to get the job done (no entry-level work). So, when faced with the threat of starvation and homelessness, I used my bare hands to begin clearing the undergrowth and making my way (my one-woman consulting firm of Livant Enterprises was born although I had no working capital).

While I was exploring the jungle for food, clothing, and shelter (posting craigslist ads for work, reading craigslist job ads, posting resumes, getting emails from job boards), I found a machete (.NET Certification training)!! I would like to say I eagerly began blazing a trail, but I would be lying. I was still burned out and tired from finishing my previous trailblazing with my bare hands. I reluctantly began the now weary work of wielding the machete with muscles still painful and exhausted from the previous work in the jungle. As time went by over the course of the last three and a half months, the muscles began to recover and the work became comfortable and routine.

I began building upon the prep work I had done by hand now with more tools at my disposal (training in .NET 3.5 with ASP.NET and ADO.NET). Some of my challenges have been posted here.

As of this writing, I have finished building my new home in the jungle (I’ve completed the coursework and landed a great part-time entry level job!!), but the acid test remains. The in-laws are coming to visit (I have to pass the certification exams). I’m currently cleaning and cooking to prepare for them knowing that I am going to miss some dust in the corner that my mother-in-law will spot and never let me forget (I’m studying for the exams and hoping to pass the first time).

Now… back to plain English that everyone will understand.

I have been taking the practice tests and studying and I just scored a 100 on the practice test. I have to do some more before I’m ready for the biggie. Yikes. And, somehow; I have to juggle my new job, time on the bus, running a knitting group in with all of this.

Now… back to our regularly scheduled blog….