Dear Reader,

The words in the computer program made it past the editor window. That generally bodes well. Both me and the computer are in agreement that the code will run at this point. Now, I build the solution. Horay!! It builds ok. Everything crunched down to 1’s and 0’s. Now… to run the project!!



Green… GO!!

The form comes on the screen. Click the button to go through the information to find how many doctors are in our database.

I watch as the remains of my bits tinkle across the grey debugging screen like the chips of shattered glass after dropping the flower vase. It’s almost audible. FATAL ERROR.


Oh wow. I made an error and it was fatal. So how come the computer keeps running if its fatal?

Re-Run in Debug mode to get more information…. apparently the computer isn’t dead yet.

In the Microsoft programming toolkit and workarea – the development enviornmnet (Visual Studio) – if you recall, the way to find things must go into the configuration file for whatever you are doing. For this lab, I am learning how to do this by programming it instead of opening the configuration file and editing it by hand.

I am to use the new configuration manager object to write the connection string programmaticaly into the app.config. Then I need to use the connection string to open a new connection. Upon run-time, it’s throwing an error. Everything is fine until this point….. It’s crashing when trying to access the database using the connection string provided….

Any takers?